Prof. Qing-Jian Han

Principal Investigator

Research Directions

The neuronal mechanisms and neural circuities of pain and itch

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Address: Room 811, Zhidao Building,138 Yixueyuan Road, Institutes of Brain Science, Fudan University, Shanghai China 200032
Tel:021-54237585            Email: qingjianhan@fudan.edu.cn

Dr. Qingjian Han received his Ph.D. degree in Cell Biology from Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, CAS in 2013.  From 2013 to 2018, he obtained the postdoctoral training at Duke University Medical Center in USA. During this stage of time, his research mainly focused the mechanisms of pain and itch, and his work was published on several important journals in neuroscience including Cell, Neuron, Pain, and J Cell Sci. Dr. Han joined the Institutes of Brain Science (IOBS), Fudan University as principal investigator Since Jan. 2019. 


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Research Direction
Pain and itch are two unpleasant sensory and emotional experiences. Long lasting pain or itch heavily impair patients’ quality of life, even worse is they usually lead to mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. We will use multiple pain mouse model and itch mouse model combined with behavioral test, electrophysiology, histology, molecular biology, optogenetics, and viral neuronal tracing to investigate the mechanisms and dissect corresponding neural circuitries of pain and itch. We will also study how mental disorders such anxiety, depression, and stress regulate pain and itch formation.

Selected Publications

1. Zhu C#, Han Q#, Samoshkin A#, Convertino M#, Linton A, Faison EM, Ji RR, Diatchenko L, Dokholyan NV*(2019). Stabilization of μ-opioid receptor facilitates its cellular translocation and signaling. Proteins. 87(10):878-884(#Co-first author)

2. Han Q#, Di Liu#, Convertino M, Wang Z, Jiang C, Kim YH, Luo X, Zhang X, Nackley A, Dokholyan NV, Ji RR*(2018). miRNA-711 binds and activates TRPA1 extracellularly to evoke acute and chronic pruritus. Neuron. 99:449-463. (#Co-first author) 

3. Han Q#, Kim YH#, Wang X#, Liu D, Zhang ZJ, Bey AL, Lay M, Chang W, Berta T, Zhang Y, Jiang YH, Ji RR*(2016). SHANK3 deficiency impairs heat hyperalgesia and TRPV1 signaling in primary sensory neurons. Neuron. 92: 1279–1293. (#Co-first author) 
4. Liu T#, Han Q#, Chen G, Huang Y, Zhao LX, Berta T, Gao YJ, Ji RR*(2016). Toll-like receptor 4 contributes to chronic itch, alloknesis and spinal astrocyte activation in male mice. Pain. 157: 806-817 (#Co-first author) 
5. Han QJ, Gao NN, Ma GQ, Zhang ZN, Yu WH, Pan J, Wang Q, Zhang X, Bao L*(2013). IPP5 inhibits neurite growth in primary sensory neurons by maintaining TGF-β/Smad signaling. J Cell Sci. 126: 542-553

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