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Wang T, Sha HY*, Ji DM, Zhang HL, Chen DW, Cao YX,Zhu JH*

Polar body genome transfer for preventing the transmission of inherited mitochondrial disease


157: 1591-1604



Chen YH, Lin Y, Vithana EN, Jia LY, Zuo XB, Wong TY, Chen LJ, Zhu XJ, Tam POS, Gong B, Qian SH, Li Z, Liu XQ, Mani B, Luo Q, Guzman C, Leung CKS, Li XB, Cao WJ, Yang QY, Tham CCY, Cheng YL, Zhang XJ, Wang NL, Aung T, Khor CC, Pang CP, Sun XH*Yang ZL*

Common variants nearABCA1 and in PMM2are associated with primary open-angle glaucoma

Nat Genet

46: 1115-1119



Hu XM, Leak RK, Shi YJ, Suenaga J, Gao YQ, Zheng P,Chen J*

Microglial and macrophage polarization -new prospects for bra

Nat Rev Neurol

11: 56-64



Stetler RA, Leak RK, Gan Y, Li PY, Hu XM, Jing Z, Chen J, Zigmond MJ, Gao YQ* 

Preconditioning provides neuroprotection in models of CNS disease: Paradigms and clinical significance

Prog Neurobiol

114: 58-83



Leak RK, Zheng P, Ji XM, Zhang JH, Chen J*

From apoplexy to stroke: Historical perspectives and new research frontiers

Prog Neurobiol

115: 1-5



An CR, Shi YJ, Li PY, Hu XM, Gan Y, Stetler RA, Leak RK, Gao YQ, Sun BL*,Zheng P*Chen J*

Molecular dialogs between the ischemic brain and the peripheral immune system: Dualistic roles in injury and repair

Prog Neurobiol

115: 6-24



Hu XM*, Liou AKF, Leak RK, Xu MY, An CR, Suenaga J, Shi YJ, Gao YQ, Zheng P,Chen J*

Neurobiology of microglial action in CNS injuries: receptor-mediated signaling mechanisms and functional roles

Prog Neurobiol

119-120: 60-84



Han M, Xiao X, Yang Y, Huang RY, Cao H, Zhao ZQ,Zhang YQ* 

SIP30 is required for neuropathic pain-evoked aversion in rats

J Neurosci

34: 346-355



Zhang MJ, Wang SP, Mao LL, Leak RK, Shi YJ, Zhang WT, Hu XM, Sun BL, Cao GD, Gao YQ, Xu Y, Chen J*Zhang F*

Omega-3 fatty acids protect the brain against ischemic injury by activating nrf2 and upregulating heme oxygenase 1

J Neurosci

34: 1903-1915



Wang CM, You Y, Qi DS, Zhou X, Wang L, Wei S, Zhang ZZ, Huang WX, Liu ZD, Liu F, Ma L, Yang ZG*

Human and monkey striatal interneurons are derived from the medial ganglionic eminence but not from the adult subventricular zone

J Neurosci




Li XS, Liu ZD, Qiu MS, Yang ZG* 

Sp8 plays a supplementary role to Pax6 in establishing the pMN/p3 domain boundary in the spinal cord


141: 2875-2884



Xu J, Bu LP, Huang L, Yang YF, Yu M, Liu J, Wang P, Huang DP, Bai XC, Ma YY,Huang F*Zou YZ*Ge JB*

Heart failure having little effect on the progression of Parkinson's disease: Direct evidence from mouse model

Int J Cardiol

177: 683-689



Li PY, Mao LL, Liu XR, Gan Y, Zheng J, Thomson AW, Gao YQ,Chen J*Hu XM*

Essential role of program death 1-ligand 1 in regulatory T-cell-afforded protection against blood-brain barrier damage after stroke


45: 857-864



Huang ZX, Lu ZJ, Ma WQ, Wu FX, Zhang YQ, Yu WF*, Zhao ZQ*

Involvement of RVM-expressed P2X7 receptor in bone cancer pain: Mechanism of descending facilitation


155: 783-791



Wu JH, Zhang SH, Nickersonc JM, Gao FJ, Sun ZM, Chen XY, Zhang SJ, Zhang R, Gao F, Chen JY, Luo Y, Wang Y, Sun XH*

Cumulative mtDNA damage and mutations contribute to the progressive loss of RGCs in a rat model of glaucoma

Neurobiol Dis

74: 167-179



Zhang GH, Liu ZL, Zhang BJ, Geng WY, Song NN, Zhou W, Cao YX, Li SQ,Huang ZL*,Shen LL*

Orexin A activates hypoglossal motoneurons and enhances genioglossus muscle activity in rats

Brit J Pharmacol

171: 4233-4246



Zhu M, Tao Y, He Q, Gao H, Song F, Sun YM, Li HL,Wu ZY*Saffen D*

A common GSAPpromoter variant contributes to Alzheimer's disease liability

Neurobiol Aging

35: 2656.e1-7



Lu SJ, Li HL, Sun YM, Liu ZJ, Yang P, Wu ZY*

Clusterin variants are not associated with southern Chinese patients with Alzheimer's disease

Neurobiol Aging

35: 2656.e9-11



Zhao L, Gong N, Liu M, Pan XL, Sang SM, Sun XJ, Yu Z, Fang Q, Zhao N, Fei GQ, Jin LR, Zhong CJ*, Xu TL

Beneficial synergistic effects of microdose lithium with pyrroloquinoline quinone in an Alzheimer's disease mouse model

Neurobiol Aging

35: 2736-2745



Liu ZJ, Li HF, Tan GH, Tao QQ, Ni W, Cheng XW, Xiong ZQ, Wu ZY*

Identify mutation in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis cases using HaloPlex target enrichment system

Neurobiol Aging

35: 2881.e11-15



Xu YX, Wang DD, Luo Y, Li W, Shan Y, Tan XS,Zhu CQ*

Beta amyloid-induced upregulation of death receptor 6 accelerates the toxic effect of N-terminal fragment of amyloid precursor protein

Neurobiol Aging

36: 157-168



Yang JH, Yang HL, Du XW, Ma QQ, Song JJ, Chen M, Dong Y, Ma L, Zheng P*

Morphine and DAMGO produce an opposite effect on presynaptic glutamate release via different downstream pathways of mu opioid receptors in the basolateral amygdala


86: 353-361



Wang CY, Huang AQ, Zhou MH,Mei YA*

GDF15 regulates Kv2.1-mediated outward K+ current through the Akt/mTOR signalling pathway in rat cerebellar granule cells

Biochem J

460: 35-47



Liu CY, Guo SD, Yu JZ, Li YH, Zhang H, Feng L, Chai Z, Yuan HJ, Yang WF, Feng QJ, Xiao BG*,Ma CG*

Fasudil mediates cell therapy of EAE by immunomodulating encephalomyelitic T cells and macrophages

Eur J Immunol

45: 142-152



Cui YJ, Liu XY, Yang TT, Mei YA,Hu CL*

Exposure to extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields inhibits T-type calcium channels via AA/LTE4 signaling pathway

Cell Calcium

55: 48-58



Qiu MH*, Chen MC, Huang ZL*, Lu J*

Neuronal activity (c-Fos) delineating interactions of the cerebral cortex and basal ganglia

Front Neuroanat




Zhao N, Jin LR*, Fei GQ, Zheng ZY, Zhong CJ* 

Serum microRNA-133b is associated with low ceruloplasmin levels in Parkinson's disease

Parkinsonism Relat D

20: 1177-1180



Cho S, Yoon M, Pae AN, Jin YH, Cho NC, Takata Y, Urade Y, Kim S, Kim JS, Yang H, Kim J, Kim J, Han JK, Shimizu M*,Huang ZL*

Marine polyphenol phlorotannins promote non-rapid eye movement sleep in mice via the benzodiazepine site of the GABAAreceptor


231: 2825-2837



Liu YY, Yin D, Chen L, Qu WM*, Chen CR, Laudon M,Cheng NN*, Urade Y, Huang ZL*

Piromelatine exerts antinociceptive effect via melatonin, opioid, and 5HT1A receptors and hypnotic effect via melatonin receptors in a mouse model of neuropathic pain


231: 3973-3985



Li WW, Cheng LZ, Zou Z, Tian ML, Zhang H, Raya AD, Wang Y*Shi XY*

(R)-alpha-methylhistamine suppresses inhibitory neurotransmission in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons counteracting propofol-induced amnesia in rats

CNS Neurosci Ther

20: 851-859



Li YH, Yu JZ, Liu CY, Zhang H, Zhang HF, Yang WF, Li JL, Feng QJ, Feng L, Zhang GX, Xiao BG*,Ma CG*

Intranasal delivery of FSD-C10, a novel Rho kinase inhibitor, exhibits therapeutic potential in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis


143: 219-229



Liu DD, Ren Z, Yang G, Zhao QR,Mei YA*

Melatonin protects rat cerebellar granule cells against electromagnetic field-induced increases in Na+ currents through intracellular Ca2+release

J Cell Mol Med

18: 1060-1070



Chen YH, Chen XL, Wang L, Hughes G, Qian SH, Sun XH*

Extended association study of PLEKHA7 andCOL11A1 with primary angle closure glaucoma in a Han Chinese population

Invest Ophth Vis Sci

55: 3797-3802



Miao HM, Tian M, He L, Zhao J,Mo XF*, Zhou XT*

Objective optical quality and intraocular scattering in myopic adults

Invest Ophth Vis Sci

55: 5582-5587



Hong JX, Yang YJ, Wei AJ, Deng SX, Kong XM, Chen JY, Girard MJA, Mari JM, Xu JJ, Sun XH*

Schlemm's canal expands after trabeculectomy in patients with primary angle-closure glaucoma

Invest Ophth Vis Sci

55: 5637-5642



Lei Y, Stamer WD, Wu JH, Sun XH*

Endothelial nitric oxide synthase–related mechanotransduction changes in aged porcine angular aqueous plexus cells

Invest Ophth Vis Sci

55: 8402-8408



Kong SZ, Cheng ZH, Liu JH,Wang Y*

Downregulated GABA and BDNF-TrkB pathway in chronic cyclothiazide seizure model

Neural Plast

2014: 310146



Li LH, Wang ZC, Yu J, Zhang YQ*

Ovariectomy results in variable changes in nociception, mood and depression in adult female rats

PLoS One

9: e94312



Liu Y, Liang X, Ren WW, Li BM*

Expression of β1- and β2-adrenoceptors in different subtypes of interneurons in the medial prefrontal cortex of mice


257: 149-157



Wang ZF, Li Q, Liu SB, Mi WL, Hu S, Zhao J, Tian Y, Mao-Ying QL, Jiang JW, Ma HJ, Wang YQ*,Wu GC*

Aspirin-triggered Lipoxin A4 attenuates mechanical allodynia in association with inhibiting spinal JAK2/STAT3 signaling in neuropathic pain in rats


273: 65-78



Chen W, Ke JB, Wu HJ, Miao YY, Li F, Yang XL,Wang ZF*

Somatostatin receptor-mediated suppression of gabaergic synaptic transmission in cultured rat retinal amacrine cells


273: 118-127



Dai Y, Jonas JB, Ling Z, Wang X,Sun XH* 

Unilateral peripapillary intrachoroidal cavitation and optic disc rotation

Retina-J Ret Vit Dis

doi: 10.1097/IAE.0000




He Q, Wang Y, Lin W, Zhang Q, Zhao J, Liu FT, Tang YL, Xiao BG*,Wang J*

Trehalose alleviates PC12 neuronal death mediated by lipopolysaccharide-stimulated BV-2 cells via inhibiting nuclear transcription factor NF-kappa B and AP-1 activation

Neurotox Res

26: 430-439



Cao H*, Zang KK, Han M, Zhao ZQ, Wu GC, Zhang YQ

Inhibition of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase activation in the rostral anterior cingulate cortex attenuates pain-related negative emotion in rats

Brain Res Bull

107: 79-88



Gao HS, Ding ZM, Huang JF, Qiu XJ, Guo J, Guan S, Wang Y, Wang DL, Zhu JH*

Serine protease inhibitor (SERPIN) B1 suppresses cell migration and invasion in glioma cells

Brain Res

1600: 59-69



Wang YQ, Takata Y, Li R, Zhang Z, Zhang MQ, Urade Y, Qu WM*,Huang ZL*

Doxepin and diphenhydramine increased non-rapid eye movement sleep through blockade of histamine H1 receptors

Pharmacol Biochem Be

129: 56-64



Zhao YF, Zhang X, Ding ZB, Yang XW, Zhang H, Yu JZ, Li YH, Liu CY, Zhang Q, Zhang HZ, Ma CG*, Xiao BG

The therapeutic potential of Rho kinase inhibitor fasudil derivative FaD-1 in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

J Mol Neurosci

55: 725-732



Chen C, Li YH, Zhang Q, Yu JZ, Zhao YF, Ma CG*, Xiao BG*

Fasudil regulates T cell responses through polarization of BV-2 cells in mice experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Acta Pharmacol Sin

35: 1428-1438



Huang ZL*, Zhang Z, Qu WM*

Roles of adenosine and its receptors in sleep-wake regulation

Int Rev Neurobiol

119: 349-371



Su X, Guan WQ, Yu YC, Fu YH*

Cerebellar stem cells do not produce neurons and astrocytes in adult mouse

Biochem Bioph Res Co

450: 378-383



Guo MF, Meng J, Li YH, Yu JZ, Liu CY, Feng L, Yang WF, Li JL, Feng QJ, Xiao BG*,Ma CG*

The inhibition of Rho kinase blocks cell migration and accumulation possibly by challenging inflammatory cytokines and chemokines on astrocytes

J Neurol Sci

343: 69-75



Li Q, Yue N, Liu SB, Wang ZF, Mi WL, Jiang JW, Wu GC, Yu J*, Wang YQ*

Effects of chronic electroacupuncture on depression- and anxiety-like behaviors in rats with chronic neuropathic pain

Evid-Based Compl Alt




Yang L, Yue N, Zhu XC, Han QQ, Li B, Liu Q, Wu GC*, Yu J*

Electroacupuncture promotes proliferation of amplifying neural progenitors and preserves quiescent neural progenitors from apoptosis to alleviate depressive-like and anxiety-like behaviours

Evid-Based Compl Alt




Kong XM, Zhu WQ, Hong JX,Sun XH*

Is glaucoma comprehension associated with psychological disturbance and vision-related quality of life for patients with glaucoma? A cross-sectional study

BMJ Open

4: e004632



Han QQ, Yang L,Liu Y*, Lv N, Yu J*, Wu GC, Zhang YQ

Resiliency to social defeat stress relates to the inter-strain social interaction and is influenced by season variation

Neurosci Lett

561: 13-17



Wainaina MN, Chen ZC, Zhong CJ*

Environmental factors in the development and progression of late-onset Alzheimer's disease

Neurosci Bull

30: 253-270



Chen ZC, Zhong CJ*

Oxidative stress in Alzheimer's disease

Neurosci Bull

30: 271-281



Han QQ, Yu J*

Inflammation: a mechanism of depression?

Neurosci Bull

30: 515-523



Zhu TM, Tang QS, Gao HS, Shen YW, Chen LP,Zhu JH*

Current status of cell-mediated regenerative therapies for human spinal cord injury

Neurosci Bull

30: 671-682



Wan L, Liu X, Wu Z, Ren WT, Kong SZ, Abou Dargham R,Cheng LZ*,Wang Y*

Activation of extrasynaptic GABAAreceptors inhibits cyclothiazide-induced epileptiform activity in hippocampal CA1 neurons

Neurosci Bull

30: 866-876



Liu QB, Li ZX, Zhao GX, Yu H,Wu ZY*

No association between identified multiple sclerosis non-MHC risk loci and neuromyelitis optica

Neurosci Bull

30: 1036-1044



Sun Y, Tao Y, Wang J, Saffen D* 

The schizophrenia/bipolar disorder candidate geneGNB1L is regulated in human temporal cortex by a cis-acting element located within the 3'-region

Neurosci Bull

31: 43-52



Yao L, Wang P, Liu JQ, Chen J, Tang HL, Sha HY*

Ooplast transfer of triploid pronucleus zygote improve reconstructed human-goat embryonic development

Int J Clin Exp Med

7: 3678-3686



Shu L, Wang Y*

Highlights in basic autonomic neuroscience: insular cortex injury leads to cardiovascular dysfunction

Auton Neurosci-Basic

185: 1-4



Fang Y, Long QQ, Guo WY, Sun XH*

Profile of pediatric glaucoma patients in Shanghai Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital

Chinese Med J-Peking




Zhu TM, Shen YW, Tang QS, Chen LP, Gao HS,Zhu JH*

BCNU/PLGA microspheres: a promising strategy for the treatment of gliomas in mice

Chinese J Cancer Res

26: 81-88



Chen YQ, Diao YP, Duan JG, Cui LY, Zhang JY*

Time-dependent changes in eye-specific segregation in the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus and superior colliculus of postnatal mice

J Zhejiang U-SCI C

15: 807-812










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