Prof. Ying Zhu

Principal Investigator

Research Directions

1. Functional genomics of human brain development, evolution, and disorders

2. Computational biology and bioinformatics

Contact  Information

Address: Third floor, West Building 6, 130 Dong’an Road, Institutes of Brain Science, Fudan University, Shanghai China 200032

Tel:021-54237688  Email: ying_zhu@fudan.edu.cn

Dr. Ying Zhu received her B.S. degree in Biology from Tsinghua University in 2008 and Ph.D. degree in Neurobiology from Yale University in 2014. From 2014 to 2017, she worked as a joint postdoc associate in the Department of Neurobiology and the Department of Biostatistics at Yale University. Since 2017, she worked as an Associate Research Scientist in the Department of Biostatistics, until she joined the institute of brain science in Fudan University in 2019. Her work has been published on top journals including Nature and Science


Enrollment Major


Research Direction

1. Decoding the molecular and cellular bases of brain development, evolution and disorders, through high throughput sequencing and bioinformatics analysis.

2. Development of bioinformatics methods for high-throughput sequencing data analysis; computational modeling of complex biological systems.

Selected Publications

1.Zhu Y#, Sousa AMM#, Gao T#, Skarica M#, Li M#, Santpere G, Esteller-Cucala P, Juan D, Ferrández-Peral L, Gulden FO, Yang M, Miller DJ, Marques-Bonet T, Kawasawa YI, Zhao H, Sestan N* (2018). Spatio-temporal transcriptomic divergence across human and macaque brain development. Science. 362(6420):eaat8077. (*Co-first author)
2.Sousa AMM#, Zhu Y#, Raghanti MA, Kitchen RR, Onorati M, Tebbenkamp ATN, Stutz B, Meyer KA, Li M, Kawasawa YI, Liu F, Perez RG, Mele M, Carvalho T, Skarica M, Gulden FO, Pletikos M, Shibata A, Stephenson AR, Edles MK, Ely JJ, Elsworth JD, Horvath TL, Hof PR, Mane SM, Noonan JP, State MW, Lein ES, Knowles JA, Marques-Bonet T, Sherwood CC, Gerstein MB, Sestan N* (2017). Molecular and cellular reorganization of neural circuits in the human lineage. Science. 358, 1027-1032. (*Co-first author)
3.Zhu Y#, Silbereis JC#, Pochareddy S#, Li M, Sestan N*. (2016) The Molecular Landscape of the Developing Human Central Nervous System. In Genomics, circuits, and pathways in clinical neuropsychiatry, T. Lehner, B. Miller, and M. State, eds. (Boston, MA: Elsevier). pp. 203-220. (*Co-first author; Book Chapter)
4.Zhu Y, Li M, Sousa AM, Sestan N*(2014). XSAnno: a framework for building ortholog models in cross-species transcriptome comparisons. BMC Genomics. 15, 343.
5.Kang HJ#, Kawasawa YI#, Cheng F#, Zhu Y#, Xu X#, Li M#, Sousa AM, Pletikos M, Meyer  KA, Sedmak G, Guennel T, Shin Y, Johnson MB, Krsnik Z, Mayer S, Fertuzinhos S, Umlauf S, Lisgo SN, Vortmeyer A, Weinberger DR, Mane S, Hyde TM, Huttner A, Reimers M, Kleinman JE, Sestan N* (2011). Spatio-temporal transcriptome of the human brain. Nature. 478, 483-9. (*Co-first author)

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