Prof. Jia-Yi Zhang

Principal Investigator

Research Directions
Development and function of visual circuit; Restoration of visual function

Contact  Information
Address: 138 Yixueyuan Road, Institute of Brain Science, Fudan University, Shanghai China 200032
Office Phone: 086-21- 54237476   Email: jiayizhang@fudan.edu.cn

Dr. Jiayi Zhang received her B. Sc. Degree from Hong Kong Baptist University and Ph.D. degree from Brown University.  She was a Brown-Coxe postdoctoral fellow in Yale University and joined Institutes of Brain Science at Fudan University in 2012. She is currently the vice director of State Key Laboratory of Medical Neurobiology. Her recent work focused on the restoration of vision and motor functions. Her work was supported by 863, Excellent Young Fellowship, One Thousand Talent plan. She serves as the Vice chairman of the Young Scholar Panel and fellow for Chinese Association for Physiological Sciences (CAPS) as well as the Vice chairman of the Sensory and Motor Panel, Chinese Neuroscience Society (CNS).


Enrollment Major

Research Description
With a strong physics and neuroscience background, Jiayi Zhang has utilized inter-disciplinary approaches to develop novel technologies for treating neural (visual in particular) disorders. The applicant focuses on the following studies: 1) Restoration of vision in blind mice using titanium oxide nanowires as artificial photoreceptors. 2) Development of a multisite optogenetic stimulation device, which has the potential to improve rehabilitation of paralyzed upper limb. 3) a visual camouflage system that changes colors of electroluminescent fibers in real-time response to the color change in the environment. 4) Near-infrared manipulation of multiple neuronal populations via trichromatic upconversion. Jiayi Zhang has published twelve papers in journals including Advanced Materials and Nature Communications (corresponding author) in the past five years, which was cited for over 1000 times by journals including Nature Nanotechnology. 

Selected Publications

1.  Yang RY, Zhao P, Wang LY, Feng CL, Peng C, Wang ZX, Zhang YY, Shen MQ, Shi KW, Weng SJ, Dong CQ, Zeng F, Zhang TY, Chen XD, Wang SY, Wang YH, Luo YY, Chen QY, Chen YQ, Jia SS, Yu ZF, Liu J, Wang F, Jiang S, Xu WD, Li L, Wang G, Zhou P, Zheng GF, Chen AH, Jiang CH*, Yuan YZ*, Biao Y*, Zhang JY*. Improvements in primary visual functions in photoreceptor-degenerated mice and macaque monkeys using nanowires. Nature Biomedical Engineering, accepted.

2. Yu QP, Bi ZD, Jiang SZ, Yan B, Chen H, Wang Y, Miao Y, Li K, Wei Z, Xie Y, Tan X, Liu X, Fu H, Cui L, Xing L, Weng S, Wang X, Yuan Y, Zhou C, Wang G, Li L, Ma L, Mao Y*, Chen L*, Zhang JY*(2022). Visual Cortex encodes timing information in humans and mice. Neuron. 110(24):4194-4211

3. Zheng H, Zhang ZT, Jiang S, Yan B, Shi X, Xie YT, Huang X, Yu ZY, Liu HZ, Weng SJ, Nurmikko A, Zhang YQ, Peng HS*, Xu WD*, Zhang JY*(2019). A shape-memory and spiral light-emitting device for precise multisite stimulation of nerve bundles. Nat Commun. 10: 2790

4. Zhang Z, Cui L, Shi X, Tian X, Wang D, Gu C, Chen E, Cheng X, Xu Y, Hu Y, Zhang JY*, Zhou L, Fong HH, Ma P, Jiang G, Sun X, Zhang B, Peng H*(2018). Textile Display for Electronics and Brain-Interfaced Communications. Advanced Materials. 1800323

5. Tang J, Qin N, Chong Y, Diao YP, Yiliguma, Wang ZX, Xue T, Jiang M, Zhang JY*, Zheng GF*(2018). Nanowire arrays restore vision in blind mice. Nat Commun. 9:786

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