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Wang ZF, Zheng YT, Wang F, Zhong JJ, Zhao   T, Xie Q, Zhu TM, Ma FK, Tang QS, Zhou B*, Zhu JH*

Mfsd2a   and Spns2 are essential for sphingosine-1-phosphate transport in the   formation and maintenance of the blood-brain barrier

Sci   Adv

6(22):   eaay8627


Li YD, Luo YJ, Xu W, Ge J, Cherasse Y,   Wang YQ, Lazarus M,Qu WM*, Huang   ZL*

Ventral   pallidal GABAergic neurons control wakefulness associated with motivation   through the ventral tegmental pathway

Mol   Psychiatr




Huang Y, Huang J, Zhou QX, Yang CX, Yang   CP, Mei WY, Zhang L, Zhang Q, Hu L, Hu YQ, Song NN, Wu SX, Xu L*, Ding YQ*

ZFP804A   mutant mice display sex-dependent schizophrenia-like behaviors

Mol   Psychiatr




Wang ZF, Wang F, Zhong JJ, Zhu MT, Zheng   YT, Zhao T, Xie Q, Ma KF, Li RG, Tang QS, Xu F, Tian XY, Zhu JH*

Using   apelin-based synthetic Notch receptors to detect angiogenesis and treat solid   tumors

Nat   Commun

11(1): 2163


Kang LJ, Yu HL, Yang X, Zhu YB, Bai XF,   Wang RR, Cao YL, Xu HC, Luo HY, Lu L, Shi MJ, Tian YJ, Fan WY*, Zhao BQ*

Neutrophil   extracellular traps released by neutrophils impair revascularization and   vascular remodeling after stroke

Nat   Commun

11(1): 2488


Shen Y, Yu WB, Shen B, Dong H, Zhao   J,  Fan Y, Yang YF, Sun YM, Luo SS, Chen C, Liu FT, Tang YL, Wu JJ, Xiao   BG, Yu H, Koprich JB, Huang ZL*, Wang J*

Propagated   α-synucleinopathy recapitulates REM sleep behaviour disorder followed by   parkinsonian phenotypes in mice


143(11): 3374-3392


Chen XY*, Han X, Blanchi B, Guan WQ, Ge WH, Yu   YC*, Sun YE*

Graded   and pan-neural disease phenotypes of Rett Syndrome linked with dosage of   functional MeCP2

Protein   Cell




Wang ZS, Dong HT, Wang JH, Huang YL,   Zhang XS, Tang YL, Li Q, Liu ZL, Ma YY, Tong JB, Huang L, Fei J, Yu M*,   Wang J*, Huang F*

Pro-survival   and anti-inflammatory roles of NF-kappa B c-Rel in the Parkinson's disease   models

Redox   Biol

30:   101427


Dong XH, Jin SH, Shao ZY*

Glia   promote synaptogenesis through an IQGAP PES-7 in C. elegans

Cell   Rep

30(8):   2614-2626


Zhang Y, Liu GP, Guo T, Liang XYG, Du H,   Yang L, Bhaduri A, Li XS, Xu ZJ, Zhang ZZ, Li ZMY, He M, Tsyporin J,   Kriegstein AR, Rubenstein JL, Yang ZG*, Chen B*

Cortical   Neural Stem Cell Lineage Progression Is Regulated by Extrinsic Signaling   Molecule Sonic Hedgehog

Cell   Rep

30(13):   4490-4504


Zhai RY, Xu H, Hu FY, Wu JH, Kong XM*,   Sun XH

Exendin4, a GLP1 receptor agonist regulates   retinal capillary tone and restores microvascular patency after   ischaemia–reperfusion injury

Brit   J Pharmacol

177(15):   3389-3402


Fan JL, Ji TT, Wang K, Huang JC, Wang MQ,   Manning L, Dong XH, Shi YJ, Zhang XM, Shao ZY*, Colón-Ramos DA*

A   muscle-epidermis-glia signaling axis sustains synaptic specificity during   allometric growth in Caenorhabditis elegans


9: e55890


Zang KK, Xiao X, Chen LQ, Yang Y, Cao QL,   Tang YL, Lv SS, Cao H, Zhang L, Zhang YQ*

Distinct   function of estrogen receptors in the rodent anterior cingulate cortex in   pain-related aversion


133(1): 165-184


Zhang ML,Zhao GL, Hou Y, Zhong SM, Xu LJ,   Li F, Niu WR, Yuan F, Yang XL, Wang Z*, Miao Y*

Rac1   conditional deletion attenuates retinal ganglion cell apoptosis by   accelerating autophagic flux in a mouse model of chronic ocular hypertension

Cell   Death Dis

11: 734


Cui WQ, Zhang WW, Chen T, Li Q, Xu F,   Mao-Ying QL, Mi WL, Wang YQ, Chu YX*

Tacr3   in the lateral habenula differentially regulates orofacial allodynia and   anxiety-like behaviors in a mouse model of trigeminal neuralgia

Acta   Neuropathol Com

8(1): 44


Sheng HY, Lv SS, Cai YQ, Shi W, Lin W,   Liu TT, Lv N, Cao H, Zhang L, Zhang YQ*

Activation   of ventrolateral orbital cortex improves mouse neuropathic pain-induced   anxiodepression

JCI   Insight

5(19): e133625


Liu BL, Cao QL, Zhao X, Liu HZ, Zhang   YQ*

Inhibition   of TRPV1 by SHP-1 in nociceptive primary sensory neurons is critical in PD-L1   analgesia

JCI   Insight

5(20): e137386


Wang RR, Wang HL, Liu YA,Chen D,   Wang YF, Rocha M, Jadhav AP, Smith A, Ye Q, Gao YQ*, Zhang WT*

Optimized   mouse model of embolic MCAO: From cerebral blood flow to neurological   outcomes

J   Cerebr Blood F Met



Liu X, Ma L, Liu H, Gan J, Xu Y, Zhang T,   Mu P, Wu J, Shi Y, Zhang Y, Gong L, He M*

Cell-type-specific   gene inactivation and in situ restoration via recombinase-based flipping of   targeted genomic region

J   Neurosci

40(37): 7169-7186


Song NN, Ma PC, Zhang Q, Zhang L, Wang   HS, Zhang LL, Zhu L, He CH, Mao BY*, Ding YQ*

Rnf220/Zc4h2-mediated   monoubiquitylation of Phox2 is required for noradrenergic neuron development


147(6): dev185199


Zhu YY, Sun DJ, Jakovcevski M, Jiang Y*

Epigenetic   mechanism of SETDB1 in brain: implications for neuropsychiatric disorders

Transl   Psychiat

10(1): 115


Chen GY, Zhang S, Li CH, Qi CC, Wang YZ,   Chen JY, Wang G*, Ding YQ*, Su CJ*

Mediator   med23 regulates adult hippocampal neurogenesis

Front   Cell Dev Biol

8: 699

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