A/Prof. Biao Yan

Research Direction
Visual and motor function restoration
Contact Information
Address: Room B5008, Scientific Research Building 2, Institutes of Brain Science, Fudan University, No. 131 Dong’An Road, Shanghai, China, 200032

Dr. Biao Yan received his Ph.D degree in School of Basic Medical Sciences, Fudan University. From 2014 to 2017, he did postdoctoral research in the School of Food Science, Jiangnan University. He joined Institute of Brain Science as associate researcher in 2017. He got funding supports from Shanghai Municipal Health Commission and the National Natural Science Foundation for Youth Scholars.

His researches focused on vision and motor function restoration. Using materials science, engineering, optogenetics, behavior and other interdisciplinary approaches, he developed new methods for restoring visual and motor functions, including: using titania nanowire arrays to restore the visual function of blind mice, developing multi-site optogenetic stimulation device to precisely regulate limb movements, and developing small animal multi-signal acquisition devices to record eye movement, EEG and EMG signals in mice during wake-sleep cycle. He published a series of original papers in Nature Communications、Neuroscience Bulletin、Frontier in Neuroscience, etc.。

Selected Publications

1. Yu QP, Fu H, Wang G, Zhang JY*, Yan B*(2021). Short-Term Visual Experience Leads to Potentiation of Spontaneous Activity in Mouse Superior Colliculus. Neurosci Bull. 37(3):353-368

2. Wang ZX, Feng CL, Yang RY, Liu TT, Chen Y, Chen AH, Yan B*, Yuan YZ*, Zhang JY*(2021). Large-Area Photoreceptor Degeneration Model in Rabbits by Photocoagulation and Oxidative Stress in the Retina. Front Neurosci-Switz. 15: 617175

3. Meng QS, Tan XR, Jiang CY, Xiong YY, Yan B*, Zhang JY*(2021). Tracking Eye Movements During Sleep in Mice. Front Neurosci-Switz. 15: 616760

4. Zheng H#, Zhang ZT#, Jiang S#, Yan B#, Shi X, Xie YT, Huang X, Yu ZY, Liu HZ, Weng SJ, Nurmikko A, Zhang YQ, Peng HS*, Xu WD*, Zhang JY*(2019). A shape-memory and spiral light-emitting device for precise multisite stimulation of nerve bundles. Nat Commun. 10: 2790

5. Le QM#, Yan B#, Yu XC, Li YQ, Song HK, Zhu HW, Hou WQ, Ma D,Wu FZ, Zhou YQ, Ma L*(2017). Drug-seeking motivation level in male rats determines offspring susceptibility or resistance to cocaine-seeking behaviour. Nat commun. 8:15527

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