A/Prof. Ying-Hui Fu

Research Direction
Development of neuronal circuits in the mammalian neocortex
Contact Information
Address: Room 427, Scientific research building 2, 131 Dongan Road, Shanghai 200032, China
Office Phone: 86-21-54237469 ; Email: fuyh@fudan.edu.cn

In 2010, Dr. Yinghui Fu received her Ph.D. degree in genetics from Jiaotong University and then she joined the Institute of neurobiology of Fudan University. In 2016, Dr. Fu was employed in the Institute of brain sciences of Fudan University. Dr. Fu is mainly engaged in the research on the development of neural synaptic circuits in mammalian cerebral cortex. Dr. Fu was awarded “the Young Scientist Award of neuroscience in the Yangtze River Delta”at 2019.

Molecular and cellular biology, genetics, electrophysiology, pharmacology, photogenetics and animal behavior were used to study the development of synaptic circuits in mammalian cerebral cortex. Our research reveals the developmental characteristics and molecular mechanism of synaptic circuits formed between different neurons.We expounds how the cerebral cortex forms neural synaptic circuits and attempts to reveal the mechanism of how these neural circuits process information.

Selected Publications

1. Zong N#, Wang M#, Fu YH#, Shen D, Yu YC*(2022). Cell-cycle length of medial ganglionic eminence progenitors contributes to interneuron fate. Protein Cell. 13(2):141-147

2. Cao JW, Guan WQ, Yu YC, Fu YH*(2020). Synaptic Transmission from Somatostatin-expressing Interneurons to Excitatory Neurons Mediated by alpha 5-subunit-containing GABA(A) Receptors in the Developing Visual Cortex. Neuroscience. 449: 147-156

3. Wang CZ, Ma J, Xu YQ, Jiang SN, Chen TQ, Yuan ZL, Mao XY, Zhang SQ, Liu LY, Fu YH*, Yu YC*(2019). Early-generated interneurons regulate neuronal circuit formation during early postnatal development. eLife. 8: e44649

4. Guan W, Cao JW, Liu LY, Zhao ZH, Fu YH*, Yu YC*(2017). Eye opening differentially modulates inhibitory synaptic transmission in the developing visual cortex. eLife. 6:e32337

5. Qu GJ, Ma J, Yu YC*, Fu Y*(2016). Postnatal development of GABAergic interneurons in the neocortical subplate of mice. Neuroscience. 322: 78-93

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