A/Prof.Ling Gong

Research Direction
Combinatorial strategies and tools for genetic dissection of hypothalamic mammillary circuitry
Contact Information
Address: Room B5003, Institutes of Brain Science, Fudan University, 131 Dongan Road, Shanghai, China, 200032
Tel: 021-54237869  Email: gling@fudan.edu.cn

Dr. Ling Gong received her Ph.D. degree in Radio Physics from University of Chinese Academy of Science in 2014. From 2015 to 2019, she was a postdoctoral fellow in Miao He's lab in the institute of brain science in Fudan University. She joined in the institute of brain science in Fudan University from 2021 as an associate professor. Her research work has been published in international journals including Cell Reports and Molecular Psychiatry. 

Selected Publications

1. Gong L#, Liu X#, Wu JY, He M*(2021). Emerging strategies for the genetic dissection of gene functions, cell types, and neural circuits in the mammalian brain. Mol Psychiatr. doi:10.1038/s41380-021-01292-x

2. Hou YJ, Zhang Q, Liu HZ, Wu JY, Shi Y, Qi YQ, Shao MM, Yang ZG, Lu JT, Wu ZH, Gong L*, He M*(2021). Topographical organization of mammillary neurogenesis and efferent projections in the mouse brain. Cell Rep. 34(6): 108712

3. Liu X, Ma L, Liu HZ, Gan JW, Xu YD, Zhang TR, Mu PY, Wu JY, Shi Y, Zhang YB, Gong L, He M*(2020). Cell-Type-Specific Gene Inactivation and In Situ Restoration via Recombinase-Based Flipping of Targeted Genomic Region. J Neurosci. 40(37): 7169-7186

4. Cong W, Shi Y, Qi YQ, Wu JY, Gong L, He M*(2020). Viral approaches to study the mammalian brain: Lineage tracing, circuit dissection and therapeutic applications. J Neurosci Meth. 335: 108629

5. Qiu F, Mao XF, Liu PL, Wu JY, Zhang Y, Sun DJ, Zhu YY, Gong L, Shao MM, Fan KY, Chen JJ, Lu JT, Jiang Y, Zhang YB, Curia G, Lie A, He M*(2020). microRNA deficiency in Vip+ interneurons leads to cortical circuit dysfunction. Cereb Cortex. 30(4): 2229-2249

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