A/Prof. Xiao-Su Li

Research Direction
Brain development,signal pathway transduction and gene expression regulation,neural stem cells and progenitor specification.
Contact Information
Address: Institutes of Brain Science, Fudan University, 131 Dong An Rd, Shanghai China 200032 
Email: lixiaosu@fudan.edu.cn

Xiaosu Li received Ph.D. degree in Neurobiology in 2012 at Fudan University. She received her postdoctoral training in SUNY Upstate Medical University during 2014-2019. After that she works as a young associate researcher at Institute of Brain Science, Fudan University. Her works major addressed to how signal molecules and transcription factors control the brain development. She found that the Zinc-finger transcription factor is critical for the generation of olfactory bulb PV+ interneurons and cross-repressive interactions between Sp8 and Nkx2-2 specify pMN and p3 progenitor domain of the spinal cord. She also found Notch signaling pathway in required for maintenance of the fly type 2 neuroblast through repressing the tumor suppressor gene Earmuff.

Selected Publications

1. Li XS, Liu GP, Yang L, Li ZMY, Zhang ZZ, Xu ZJ, Cai YQ, Du H, Su ZH, Wang ZW, Duan YY, Chen HT, Shang ZC, You Y, Zhang Q, He M, Chen B, Yang ZG*(2021). Decoding Cortical Glial Cell Development. Neurosci Bull. 37(4):440-460

2. Li XS, Chen R, Zhu S*(2017). bHLH-O proteins balance the self-renewal and differentiation of Drosophila neural stem cells by regulating Earmuff expression. Dev Biol. 431(2):239-251

3. Li XS, Xie Y, Zhu S*(2016). Notch maintains Drosophila type II neuroblasts by suppressing expression of the Fez transcription factor Earmuff. Development. 143(14):2511-21

4. Li XS, Liu ZD, Qiu MS, Yang ZG* (2014). Sp8 plays a supplementary role to Pax6 in establishing the pMN/p3 domain boundary in the spinal cord. Development. 141(14):2875-2884

5. Li XS, Sun CF, Lin C, Ma T, Madhavan MC, Campbell K, Yang ZG* (2011). The transcription factor Sp8 is required for the production of parvalbumin-expressing interneurons in the olfactory bulb. J Neurosci. 31: 8450-8455

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