About the Facility

The establishment of our Molecular and Cellular Imaging Facility has its roots in the advances in biomedical engineering and imaging techniques with strong financial support from “985 national foundation”. This facility was built to promote the development of new techniques and applications in neuronal imaging that support IOBS investigators as well as other scientists in our research community. Most importantly it enables acquisition of high quality microscopic images required for publication in high-end journals and used in successful grant applications.
Currently the laboratory has 2 technical staff members and runs under the supervision of Dr. Min Jiang. There are 3 major optical microscopes in the laboratory: an Olympus FV1000 confocal microscope, a PE live cell image system and a newly equipped Cell Vizio fiber based confocal microscope. Our imaging facility is located on the 11th floor of Mingdao building.

138 Yixueyuan Road, Shanghai 200032, China; Tel:021-54237641   

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