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Ma T, Wang CM, Wang L, Zhou X, Tian M, Zhang QQ, Zhang Y, Li JW, Liu ZD, Cai YQ, Liu F, You Y, Chen C, Campbell K, Song HJ, Ma L, Rubenstein JL,Yang ZG*

Subcortical origins of human and monkey neocortical interneurons

Nat Neurosci

16: 1588-1597



Li PY, Gan Y, Sun BL, Zhang F, Lu BF, Gao YQ, Liang WM, Thomson AW,Chen J*, Hu XM*

Adoptive regulatory T-cell therapy protects against cerebral ischemia

Ann Neurol

74: 458-471



Huang H, Wang ZF, Weng SJ, Sun XH, Yang XL*

Neuromodulatory role of melatonin in retinal information processing

Prog Retin Eye Res

32: 64-87



Chen ZC, Zhong CJ*

Decoding Alzheimer's disease from perturbed cerebral glucose metabolism: Implications for diagnostic and therapeutic strategies

Prog Neurobiol

108: 21-43



Li HF, Chen WJ, Ni W, Wang KY, Liu GL, Wang N, Xiong ZQ, Xu JF, Wu ZY*

PRRT2 mutation correlated with phenotype of paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesia and drug response


80: 1534-1535



Cai YQ, Zhang Y, Shen Q, Rubenstein JLR,Yang ZG*

A subpopulation of individual neural progenitors in the mammalian dorsal pallium generates both projection neurons and interneurons in vitro

Stem Cells

31: 1193-1201



Fan WY*, Dai YQ, Xu HC, Zhu XM, Cai P, Wang LX, Sun CG, Hu CL, Zheng P,Zhao BQ*

Caspase-3 modulates regenerative response after stroke

Stem Cells

32: 473-486



Hong XQ, Liu J, Zhu GQ, Zhuang YH, Suo HY, Wang P, Huang DP, Xu J, Huang YF, Yu M, Bian MJ, Sheng ZJ, Fei J, Song HY,Behnisch T*,Huang F*

Parkin overexpression ameliorates hippocampal long-term potentiation and β-amyloid load in an Alzheimer's disease mouse model

Hum Mol Genet

23: 1056-1072



Xu Q, Zhang XM, Duan KZ, Gu XY, Han H, Liu BL, Zhao ZQ, Zhang YQ* 

Peripheral TGF-b1 signaling is a signaling is a critical event in bone cancer-induced hyperalgesia in rodents

J Neurosci

33: 19099-19111



Ma J, Yao XH, Fu Y, Yu YC*

Development of layer 1 neurons in the mouse neocortex

Cereb Cortex





Wang L, Shen MJ, Yu YC, Tao YZ, Zheng P,Wang FF*Ma L*

Optogenetic activation of GABAergic neurons in the nucleus accumbens decreases the activity of the ventral pallidum and the expression of cocaine-context-associated memory

Int J Neuropsychoph






Bian C, Wang ZC, Yang JL, Lv N, Zhao ZQ,Zhang YQ*

Up-regulation of interleukin-23 induces persistent allodynia via CX3CL1 and interleukin-18 signaling in the rat spinal cord after tetanic sciatic stimulation

Brain Behav Immun

doi: 10.1016





Hong JX, Xu JJ, Wei AJ, Wen W, Chen JY, Yu XB,Sun XH*

Spectral-domain optical coherence tomographic assessment of Schlemm's canal in Chinese subjects with primary open-angle glaucoma


120: 709-715



Zhang MJ, Li WJ, Niu GM, Leak RK, Chen J*Zhang F*

ATP induces mild hypothermia in rats but has a strikingly detrimental impact on focal cerebral ischemia

J Cerebr Blood F Met

33: e1-e11



Pu HJ, Guo YL, Zhang WT, Huang LT, Wang GH, Liou AK, Zhang J, Zhang PY, Leak RK, Wang Y, Chen J*, Gao YQ*

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation improves neurologic recovery and attenuates white matter injury after experimental traumatic brain injury

J Cerebr Blood F Met

33: 1474-1484



Wang GH, Zhang J, Hu XM, Zhang LL,Mao LL, Jiang XY, Liou AKF, Leak RK,Gao YQ*, Chen J*

Microglia/macrophage polarization dynamics in white matter after traumatic brain injury

J Cerebr Blood F Met

33: 1864-1874



Wang P, Zhang HL, Li WG, Sha HY, Xu CS, Yao L, Tang QS, Tang HL, Chen LP,Zhu JH*

Generation of patient-specific induced neuronal cells using a direct reprogramming strategy

Stem Cells Dev

23: 16-23



Li SJ, Qi Y, Zhao JJ, Li Y, Liu XY,Chen XH*Xu P*

Characterization of nuclear localization signals (NLSs) and function of NLSs and phosphorylation of serine residues in subcellular and subnuclear localization of transformer-2β (Tra2β)

J Biol Chem

288: 8898-8909



Xu XH, Qiu MH, Dong H, Qu WM*, Urade Y,Huang ZL*

GABA transporter-1 inhibitor NO-711 alters the EEG power spectra and enhances non-rapid eye movement sleep during the active phase in mice

Eur Neuropsychopharm

doi: 10.1016/





Li HF, Ni W, Xiong ZQ, Xu JF, Wu ZY*

PRRT2 c.649dupC mutation derived from de novo in paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesia

CNS Neurosci Ther

19: 61-65



Li HL, Lu SJ, Sun YM, Guo QH, Sadovnick AD,Wu ZY*

The LRRK2 R1628P variant plays a protective role in Han Chinese population with Alzheimer's disease

CNS Neurosci Ther

19: 207-215



Zhu M, Ni W, Dong Y, Wu ZY*

EGFP tags affect cellular localization of ATP7B mutants

CNS Neurosci Ther

19: 346-351



Ni W, Dong QY, Zhang Y, Wu ZY*

Zinc monotherapy and a low-copper diet are beneficial in patients with Wilson disease after liver transplantation

CNS Neurosci Ther

19: 905-907



Wang L, Deng QQ, Wu XH, Yu J, Yang XL,Zhong YM*

Upregulation of glutamate-aspartate transporter by glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor ameliorates cell apoptosis in neural retina in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

CNS Neurosci Ther

19: 945-953



Zhang XH*, Liu SS, Yi F, Zhuo M, Li BM*

Delay-dependent impairment of spatial working memory with inhibition of NR2B-containing NMDA receptors in hippocampal CA1 region of rats

Mol Brain




Sun YJ, Wu Z, Kong SZ, Jiang DY, Pitre A,Wang Y*Chen G*

Regulation of epileptiform activity by two distinct subtypes of extrasynaptic GABAA receptors

Mol Brain




Hu X, Zhang F, Leak RK, Zhang W, Iwai M, Stetler RA, Dai Y, Zhao A, Gao YQ*, Chen J*

Transgenic overproduction of omega-3 polyunsaturated Fatty acids provides neuroprotection and enhances endogenous neurogenesis after stroke

Curr Mol Med

13: 1465-1473



Zhang JP, Xu Q, Yuan XS, Cherasse Y, Schifmann S, de Kerchove d'Exaerde A, Qu WM, Urade Y,Lazarus M*,Huang ZL*Li RX*

Projections of nucleus accumbens adenosine A2Areceptor neurons in the mouse brain and their implications in mediating sleep-wake cycle

Front Neuroanat




Zhou HC, Sun YY, Cai W, He XT, Yi Feng, Li BM*Zhang XH*

Activation of β2-adrenoceptor enhances synaptic potentiation and behavioral memory via cAMP-PKA signaling in the medial prefrontal cortex of rats

Learn Memory

20: 274-284



Zhan XQ, Yao JJ, Liu DD, Ma Q,Mei YA*

Aβ40 modulates GABAA receptor α6 subunit expression and rat cerebellar granule neuron maturation through the ERK/mTOR pathway

J Neurochem

128: 350-362



Liu ZJ, Sun YM, Ni W, Dong Y, Shi SS, Wu ZY*

Clinical features of Chinese patients with Huntington's disease carrying CAG repeats beyond 60 within HTT gene

Clin Genet

85: 189-193



Leak RK, Zhang LL, Stetler RA, Weng ZF, Li PY, Atkins GB, Gao YQ*Chen J*

HSP27 protects the blood-brain barrier against ischemia-induced loss of integrity

CNS Neurol Disord-Dr

12: 325-337



Zhang MJ, Wang HY, Zhao JB, Chen C, Leak RK, Xu Y, Vosler P, Chen J, Gao YQ*Zhang F*

Drug-induced hypothermia in stroke models: does it always protect?

CNS Neurol Disord-Dr

12: 371-380



Shi H, Sun BL, Zhang J, Lu SD, Zhang PY, Wang HL, Yu Q, Stetler RA, Vosler PS, Chen J, Gao YQ*

miR-15b suppression of Bcl-2 contributes to cerebral ischemic injury and is reversed by sevoflurane preconditioning

CNS Neurol Disord-Dr

12: 381-391



Yi F, Liu SS, Luo F, Zhang XH*,Li BM*

Signaling mechanism underlying α2A -adrenergic suppression of excitatory synaptic transmission in the medial prefrontal cortex of rats

Eur J Neurosci

38: 2364-2373



He YL, Liu DD, Fang YJ, Zhan XQ, Yao JJ, Mei YA*

Exposure to extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields modulates Na+currents in rat cerebellar granule cells through increase of AA/PGE2 and EP receptor-mediated cAMP/PKA pathway

PLoS One

8: e54376



Liu CY, Li YH, Yu JZ, Feng L, Hou SW, Liu YT, Guo MF, Xie Y, Meng J, Zhang HF, Xiao BG*,Ma CG*

Targeting the shift from M1 to M2 macrophages in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis mice treated with fasudil

PLoS One

8: e54841



Liu X, Chen B, Chen LL, Ren WT, Liu J, Wang GX, Fan W,Wang X*Wang Y*

U-shape suppressive effect of phenol red on the epileptiform burst activity via activation of estrogen receptors in primary hippocampal culture

PLoS One

8: e60189



Hong XQ, Bu LP, Wang Y, Xu J, Wu J, Huang YF, Liu J, Suo HY, Yang LM, Shi YC, Lou Y, Sun ZL, Zhu GQ, Behnisch T, Yu M, Jia JG, Hai WX, Meng HP, Liang S, Huang F*Zou YZ*, Ge JB*

Increases in the risk of cognitive impairment and alterations of cerebral beta-amyloid metabolism in mouse model of heart failure

PLoS One

8: e63829



Jiang X, Zhang M, You Y, Liu F*

The production of somatostatin interneurons in the olfactory bulb is regulated by the transcription factor sp8

PLoS One

8: e70049



Yi F, Zhang XH, Yang CR, Li BM*

Contribution of dopamine d1/5 receptor modulation of post-spike/burst afterhyperpolarization to enhance neuronal excitability of layer v pyramidal neurons in prepubertal rat prefrontal cortex

PLoS One

8: e71880



Li SJ, Li Y, Cui SC, Qi Y, Zhao JJ, Liu XY, Xu P,Chen XH*

Splicing factor transformer-2β (Tra2β) regulates the expression of regulator of G protein signaling 4 (RGS4) gene and is induced by morphine

PLoS One

8: e72220



Xu XH, Qu WM, Bian MJ, Huang F, Fei J, Urade Y,Huang ZL*

Essential roles of GABA transporter-1 in controlling rapid eye movement sleep and in increased slow wave activity after sleep deprivation

PLoS One

8: e75823



Yu J, Wang L, Weng SJ, Yang XL, Zhang DQ*,Zhong YM*

Hyperactivity of on-type retinal ganglion cells in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice

PLoS One

8: e76049



Chen CR, Yang SR, Liu YY, Qu WM, Urade Y,Huang ZL*

Roles of adrenergic α1 and dopamine D1 and D2receptors in the mediation of the desynchronization effects of modafinil in a mouse EEG synchronization model

PLoS One

8: e76102



He Q, Yu WB, Wu JJ, Chen C, Lou ZY, Zhang Q, Zhao J, Wang J, Xiao BG*

Intranasal LPS-mediated Parkinson's model challenges the pathogenesis of nasal cavity and environmental toxins

PLoS One

8: e78418



Wu LJ, Tang ZH*Sun XH*, Feng XY, Qian W, Wang J, Jin LX

Metabolic changes in the visual cortex of binocular blindness macaque monkeys: a proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy study

PLoS One

8: e80073



Yao JJ, Sun J, Zhao QR, Wang CY, Mei YA*

Neuregulin-1/ErbB4 signaling regulates Kv4.2-mediated transient outward K+current through the Akt/mTOR pathway

Am J Physiol-Cell Ph

305: C197-C206



Dong WH, Chen JC, He YL, Xu JJ, Mei YA*

Resveratrol inhibits Kv2.2 currents through the estrogen receptor GPR30-mediated PKC pathway

Am J Physiol-Cell Ph

305: C547-C557



Cai YQ, Zhang QQ, Wang CM, Zhang Y, Ma T, Zhou X, Tian M, Rubenstein JLR,Yang ZG*

Nuclear receptor COUP-TFII-expressing neocortical interneurons are derived from the medial and lateral/caudal ganglionic eminence and define specific subsets of mature interneurons

J Comp Neurol

521: 479-497



Hong JX, Xu JJ, Wei AJ, Deng SX, Cui XH, Yu XB, Sun XH*

A new tonometer--the Corvis ST tonometer: clinical comparison with noncontact and Goldmann applanation tonometers

Invest Ophth Vis Sci

54: 659-665



Chen JY, Huang HL, Zhang SH, Chen XL, Sun XH*

Expansion of Schlemm's canal by travoprost in healthy subjects determined by Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography

Invest Ophth Vis Sci

54: 1127-1134



Dai Y, Jonas JB, Huang HL, Wang M, Sun XH*

Microstructure of parapapillary atrophy: beta zone and gamma zone

Invest Ophth Vis Sci

54: 2013-2018



Liu S, Zheng P*

Altered PKA modulation in the Nav1.1 epilepsy variant I1656M

J Neurophysiol

110: 2090-2098



Han P, Zhao J, Liu SB, Yang CJ, Wang YQ, Wu GC, Xu DM, Mi WL* 

Interleukin-33 mediates formalin-induced inflammatory pain in mice


241: 59-66



Meng F, Wang X, Gu P, Wang ZF*,Guo W*

Induction of retinal ganglion-like cells from fibroblasts by adenoviral gene delivery


250: 381-393



Zhao J, Zhang H, Liu SB, Han P, Hu S, Li Q, Wang ZF, Mao-Ying QL, Chen HM, Jiang JW, Wu GC, Mi WL,Wang YQ*

Spinal interleukin-33 and its receptor ST2 contribute to bone cancer-induced pain in mice


253: 172-182



Zhang CQ, Wu HJ, Wang SY, Yin S, Lu XJ, Miao Y, Wang XH, Yang XL, Wang ZF*

Suppression of outward K+currents by WIN55212-2 in rat retinal ganglion cells is independent of CB1/CB2 receptors


253: 183-193



Li Q, Tian Y, Wang ZF, Liu SB, Mi WL, Ma HJ, Wu GC, Wang J, Yu J, Wang YQ*

Involvement of the spinal NALP1 inflammasome in neuropathic pain and aspirin-triggered-15-epi-lipoxin A4 induced analgesia


254: 230-240



Huang YF, Xu J, Liang M, Hong XQ, Suo HY, Liu J, Yu M, Huang F*

RESP18 is involved in the cytotoxicity of dopaminergic neurotoxins in MN9D cells

Neurotox Res

24: 164-175



Dong LD, Chen J, Li F, Gao F, Wu JH, Miao YY*,Wang ZF*

Enhanced expression of NR2B subunits of NMDA receptors in the inherited glaucomatous DBA/2J mouse retina

Neural Plast

2013: 670254



Xu YX, Zhang P, Wang C, Shan Y, Wang DD, Qian FL, Sun MW,Zhu CQ*

Effect of ginsenoside Rg3 on tyrosine hydroxylase and related mechanisms in the forced swimming-induced fatigue rats

J Ethnopharmacol

150: 138-147



Tang HL, Sha HY, Sun HP, Wu X, Xie LQ, Wang P, Xu CS, Larsen C, Zhang HL, Gong Y, Mao Y, Chen XC, Zhou LF,Feng XY*, Zhu JH*

Tracking induced pluripotent stem cells-derived neural stem cells in the central nervous system of rats and monkeys

Cell Reprogram

15: 435-442



Huang HL, Jonas JB, Dai Y, Hong JX, Wang M, Chen JY, Wu JH,Sun XH*

Position of the central retinal vessel trunk and pattern of remaining visual field in advanced glaucoma

Brit J Ophthalmol

97: 96-100



Chen XL, Chen YH, Wang L, Jiang DK, Wang WZ, Xia MY, Yu L, Sun XH*

CYP1B1 genotype influences the phenotype in primary congenital glaucoma and surgical treatment

Brit J Ophthalmol

98: 246-251



Xu Q, Xu XH, Qu WM, Lazarus M, Urade Y,Huang ZL*

A mouse model mimicking human first night effect for the evaluation of hypnotics

Pharmacol Biochem Be

116: 129-136



Yang P, Sun YM, Liu ZJ, Tao QQ, Li HL, Lu SJ, Wu ZY*

Association study of ABCA7 and NPC1 polymorphisms with Alzheimer’s disease in Chinese Han ethnic population

Psychiat Genet




Dong ZQ*, Sun Y, Lu PH, Wang YQ, Wu GC* 

Electroacupuncture and lumbar transplant of GDNF-secreting fibroblasts synergistically attenuate hyperalgesia after sciatic nerve constriction

Am J Chinese Med

41: 459-472



Dong Y, Sun YM, Ni W, Gan SR,Wu ZY*

Chinese patients with spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 presenting with rare clinical symptoms

J Neurol Sci

324: 167-171



Dong Y, Sun YM,Wu ZY*

The importance of deep exploration into clinical heterogeneity of spinocerebellar ataxia type 3

J Neurol Sci

326: 122



Niu YF, Ni W,Wu ZY*

ABCD1 mutations and phenotype distribution in Chinese patients with X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy


522: 117-120



Chen WJ*, Yao XP, Zhang QJ, Ni W, He J, Li HF, Liu XY, Zhao GX, Murong SX, Wang N, Wu ZY* 

Novel SLC20A2 mutations identified in Southern Chinese patients with idiopathic basal ganglia calcification


529: 159-162



Yang L, Yue N, Zhu XC, Han QQ, Liu Q, Yu J*Wu GC* 

Electroacupuncture upregulates ERK signaling pathways and promotes adult hippocampal neural progenitors proliferation in a rat model of depression

BMC Complem Altern M




Li B, Yang CJ, Yue N, Liu Y, Yu J, Wang YQ, Liu Q*Wu GC*

Clomipramine reverses hypoalgesia/hypoesthesia and improved depressive-like behaviors induced by inescapable shock in rats

Neurosci Lett

541: 227-232



Chen Y,Behnisch T*

The role of γ-secretase in hippocampal synaptic transmission and activity-dependent synaptic plasticity

Neurosci Lett

554: 16-21



Wu JH, Zhang SH, Gao FJ, Lei Y, Chen XY, Gao F, Zhang SJ, Sun XH*

RNAi screening identifies GSK3β as a regulator of DRP1 and the neuroprotection of lithium chloride against elevated pressure involved in downregulation of DRP1

Neurosci Lett

554: 99-104



Yao YX, Zhang YF, Yang Y, Guo SH, Jiang Z,Zhao ZQ

Spinal synaptic scaffolding protein Homer 1b/c regulates CREB phosphorylation and c-fos activation induced by inflammatory pain in rats

Neurosci Lett

559: 88-93



Kong X, Zhu W, Chen X, Chen Y,Sun XH*

Familial aggregation of primary open angle glaucoma in Shanghai, China

Mol Vis

19: 1859-1965



Gong H, Shu L, Xu H, Chen B, Mao RL, Zhang FY*, Wang Y*

Bilateral internal carotid arteries ligation temporary impairs brain vasculaturev in young rats

Auton Neurosci-basic

173: 39-44



Xu CS, Wu X,Zhu JH*

VEGF promotes proliferation of human glioblastoma multiforme stem-like cells through VEGF receptor 2

Sci World J

2013: 417413



Yang B, Peng G*,Gao JX*

Expression of unc5 family genes in zebrash brain during embryonic development

Gene Expr Patterns

13: 311-318



Zhao GX, Liu Y, Li ZX, Lv CZ, Traboulsee A, Sadovnick AD, Wu ZY*

Variants in the promoter region of CYP7A1 are associated with neuromyelitis optica but not with multiple sclerosis in the Han Chinese population

Neurosci Bull

29: 525-530



Li HH, Tao YZ, Ma L, Liu X*, Ma L

beta-Arrestin-2 inhibits preference for alcohol in mice and suppresses Akt signaling in the dorsal striatum

Neurosci Bull

29: 531-540



Liu X, Liu J, Liu J, Liu XL, Jin LY, Fan W, Ding J, Peng LC, Wang Y*, Wang X*

BDNF-TrkB signaling pathway is involved in pentylenetetrazoleevoked progression of epileptiform activity in hippocampal neurons in anesthetized rats

Neurosci Bull

29: 565-575



Liu SB, Mi WL,Wang YQ*

Research progress on the NLRP3 inflammasome and its role in the central nervous system

Neurosci Bull

29: 779-787



Xu X, Chen H, Ling BY, Xu L*,Cao H*, Zhang YQ

Extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase activation in spinal cord contributes to pain hypersensitivity in a mouse model of type 2 diabetes

Neurosci Bull

30: 53-66



Zhang YP, Chen Y, Shan Y, Wang DD, Zhu CQ, Xu YX*

Effects of puerarin on cholinergic enzymes in the brain of ovariectomized guinea pigs

Int J Neurosci

123: 783-791



Li X, Wang XW, Feng XM, Zhou WJ, Wang YQ,Mao-Ying QL*

Stage-dependent anti-allodynic effects of intrathecal Toll-like receptor 4 antagonists in a rat model of cancer induced bone pain

J Physiol Sci

63: 203-209



Xie LQ, Sun HP, Wang T, Tang HL, Wang P, Zhu JH*, Yao ZW, Feng XY


Reprogramming of adult human neural stem cells into induced pluripotent stem cells


Chinese Med J-Peking

126: 1138-1143




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